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10K Makes Shot Club

The OYB10K Makes Shot Club is a prestigious club of basketball players. These players are willing to separate themselves in commitment and dedication to the game. The OYB10K Makes Shot Club is a summer program designed to challenge our players to practice excellent shooting form and to improve that shooting form by shooting and making a lot of shots during the off-season.

The goal is to MAKE and RECORD 10,000 or more shots during the Summer off-season.

SIGN UP:  To get started on your 10K Makes Shot Club journey, you must sign up. You will need to track and submit your shots on a monthly basis June - October, (this form will ask you to attach the daily shot log).  Daily shots should be recorded on this document (to utilize - make a copy for each month).  To view a sample of a completed log, click here.


  • Need to be an Oregon Youth Basketball registrant for the 2022-23 season between grades 4 - 8.

  • Must signify your intent to participate by officially registering for the program no later than June 30.

  • Shot Club runs from June 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022.  All tracking needs to be in by November 4.

  • Must shoot game shots, at game speed.

  • Record how many total shots you take and how many shots you make each day on the tracking form. You will then upload this log and submit your shots on a monthly basis June – October. (Players/Participants will need to have a Google account to upload their shot logs)

  • Monthly totals are due within 1 week of end of each month!  Parent verification required.


  • Every game shot at game speed in your driveway, a gym, on any regulation size basket counts.  You must also keep track of shots made.

  • If you participate in a league -- game days/night count as 50 shots (record in shots taken only).

  • If you participate in a tournament -- tournament day counts as 150 shots (record in shots taken only).

  • If you participate in an OHS basketball summer camp or clinic - each day counts as 100 (record in shots taken only).


What are game shots?  Game shots are different for every player.  To be successful, you should start in close to the basket working on proper form for a warm up.  Once you have established your range (distance from the basket where you can shoot the ball with proper form) you are ready.  But remember - any shot you shoot, whether it’s while warming up or playing pick up ball, counts toward those shot totals.

Note: only game shots made count toward 10K goal.  Flipping the ball up from underneath the basket and half-court lightning shots are examples of shots that do NOT count.

Why game speed?  You should shoot all of your shots at game speed because that is what will help make you a better player during games.  Standing around and playing “HORSE” with a friend is fun, but really isn’t helping you come game time.

Do free throws count?  ABSOLUTELY!  Ideally free throws will consist of approximately 25% of your shots taken.  When you shoot shots at game speed for a long period of time, you will need to rest.  Free throws are a great way to rest during a workout.

Can I just guess how many shots I shoot and make?  The idea behind the 10K Shot Club is to give you, the player, the confidence and the knowledge that you deserve to win because you put in time to improve your game.  You must be true to yourself and be honest about what you want to get out of doing this.

What do I get for making the club?  You will successfully complete the program if you turn in all your tracking reports, making sure all shots have been verified by a parent or guardian. Members who make 10,000 shots will receive a 10K Makes Shot Club T-Shirt and will be recognized for their accomplishment during an OHS Varsity Basketball game.

For any other questions or inquiries about the 10K Makes Shot Club, please contact  

Important Links

Sign Up Form (due by June 30, 2022)

Monthly Reporting (due one week after the end of each month)

Daily Shot Log (to be submitted as an attachment to the monthly reporting form above)

Sample Shot Log 

10K Makes Shot Club Members

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